My name is Cory and I am a Web Developer

Currently, I am the lead Web Developer in at a printing company.

I have worked on projects for companies including Creemore Springs, Flying Monkeys Brewery, Uber, FlightCentre and Allstream.

You can contact me via

My skills

  • Team Management4 Years
  • Front-End Development6 Years
  • UX Design
  • Print Design & Production
  • Documentation
  • Tutorials (Video + Text)

Tools I use


  • Photoshop●●●●●
  • Illustrator●●●●●
  • Sketch●●●●
  • CodeKit●●●
  • XCode●●
  • Sublime Text
  • Espresso
  • InDesign●●●●
  • Acrobat Pro●●●●
  • Git / Version Control
  • Languages

  • HTML●●●●●
  • CSS●●●●●
  • JavaScript/jQuery●●●
  • JSON●●
  • PHP●●
  • English
  • Frameworks & CMSs

  • Bootstrap●●●●
  • WordPress●●●●
  • DNN/Evoq Content●●●
  • Pageflex●●●
  • OnPrintShop●●●

My experience

The Printing House — Head Office

Web Design Specialist

Sept 1st 2013 — Current

I lead a team responsible for configuring and creating solutions using web-to-print software which allows companies to efficiently customize branded stationery (business cards, letterheads and envelopes) and complex documents (brochures and greeting cards).


  • site revamp and redesign. This project took 2 months from planning to completion, involved multiple departments and laid the foundation for what the website has become today.
  • Leading development & maintenance on a Web-to-Print platform. To date we have launched over 100 deployments.
  • Providing Customer service via phone and email (Password Resets, File Upload, Sales Calls, Complaints)
  • Created a "Form-Fill Customizer" application. This is a site that looks for variable tags from a file, displays them as text inputs and allows users to replace their content. This allows users that are not familiar with CSS to create a theme for a web-to-print solution.

The Printing House

Finishing Specialist

Nov 7th 2012 — Aug 31st 2013

I worked at a branch location where I assisted Customers with print processes; setting up files to complete jobs properly. learned how to assist them with setting up files to complete print jobs properly. I learned the physical side of the business using machinery to print, cut, score and fold paper.

This was a valuable asset for when I was promoted to TPH Head Office as a Web Designer.

Stouffville Amateur Hockey League —

Freelance Web Designer

May 2012 — Current

I created and manage a website for the Stouffville Amateur Hockey League.

The website has enabled the league to better manage their drafts, players, teams and schedules. Players now have the ability to register for a season and pay online with a credit card as well as view all statistics and standings in real time. The implementation of this website has resulted in the avoidance of hundreds of man-hours updating game information and leaderboards.